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Margaret + João . 2021, Amares, Portugal

Margaret + João . 2021, Amares, Portugal

About Margaret and João

Margaret met João 11 years ago. João rented a room in Margaret’s apartment in Rio de Janeiro, when he was studying abroad. They have been flatmates ever since!


They chose Portugal to the big day, because Portugal is their favorite country. They love the people, the food, the wine and the nature. Conveniently, the groom’s family is Portuguese, and it’s also midway between the bride’s and groom’s home countries (Brazil and Germany).

The Wedding

Margaret and João married on August 2021 on the beautiful and elegant Pousada Mosteiro de Amares, in Amares, Portugal. For the wedding, they wanted a special place to people to gather, that felt authentic to them, a reflection of who they are and what they love.

The ceremony was very intimate and emotional. Despite the traditional rings, they both had they vows to each other, and very emotional speeches from closest friends.

The most challenging aspect in the wedding arrangements was the pandemic (accepting and adapting to ever changing restrictions). Besides the pandemic, everything else was quite easy! In their own words, “it helped that the suppliers we chose were absolutely wonderful to work with”.

A funny story

Throughout the wedding planning, several cultural differences emerged. One of them was: the groom’s family (Portuguese), found it essencial to serve tradicional chicken soup as a starter. In the bride’s tradition (Brazilian), you are served this soup when you are feeling sick. So, they ended up compromising with gazpacho.


Hair and Make-up: Xana Lopes Hair & Make-Up

Venue: Pousada Mosteiro de Amares

Wedding Planner: Romã Eventos

Invitations and Graphic Design: Bride herself

Wedding Cake: Bakewell

Photography: Menino conhece Menina (Obs. The photos on this post are credited as Pixel’s).

Videography: Os Pixel

Animation: DJ Nuno Rodrigues

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Ana + David . 2021, Óbidos, Portugal

Ana + David . 2021, Óbidos, Portugal

About Ana and David

Ana and David met each other in Campo de Santana on the first day of University. They both had 18 years old. They became friends and then felt in love. “We started over coffee, we started out as friends. It’s funny how from simple things, the best things begin”.

David comes from Luxembourg, addicted to Manga (anime), soccer and all the games, in general. Ana comes from Caranguejeira, girl scout always playing by the rules! After spending some time together, they became even more geeks (or David turned Ana into a geek…), living in their own world. They are addicted to travel, and together they count already 23 countries in the 5365 days of their relationship.


The Wedding

Ana and David married on May 2021 on the beautiful and elegant Hotel Rio do Prado, in Óbidos, Portugal. They told us that the easiest thing for them in all the wedding arrangements was to choose the venue. it was love at first sight.

They both arrived at the venue the day before with their parents, groomsmen and bridesmaids, although they confessed that they deserved a longer stay at the venue in that marvelous master suite.

The religious ceremony took place in Óbidos, in Igreja Santa Maria. They loved the surroundings of this church and its magical touch.

The celebrator met with the couple a few times by Zoom meetings, and soon he became and accomplice and adviser in all of the Wedding arrangements.

During the celebration, he got the couple emotional, surprising everyone by reading excerpts of original love letters from Ana and David to each other.

Ana + David . 2021, Óbidos, Portugal 16

Geeks as they call themselves, they build their wedding website with beautiful handmade illustrations made by the groom’s sister, and all the info regarding the big day.

The most challenging aspect of all of the arrangements (despite previous cancellation because of the pandemic, of course), was to came up with a theme for the wedding…so…they decided not to a main theme, but including several elements they they loved related to tv series, books, movies, etc.

A funny story

Ana and David ordered the ring carrier from the UK post Brexit, so it is still somewhere in Customs waiting for clearance… The wood box that was actually used, was bought at the last minute.


Bride’s Dress: Rosa Clará

Bride’s Shoes: Calzados Franjul

Hair Jewelry: Cata Vassalo

Hair and Make-up: Andreia Mota Estúdio

Groom’s Suit and Shoes: Gio Rodrigues

Church Choir: Alma Cuore

Venue: Hotel Rio do Prado

Flowers and Decor: Lena das Flores

Centerpieces: Made by Ana and David, using their creativity, their own toys and IKEA jars

Invitations and Graphic Design: O Troca Tintas

Wedding Rings: Dara Jewels

Photography: In Touch Stories (Obs. The photos on this post are credited as Pixel’s).

Videography: Os Pixel

Animation: Jukebox and DJ Gabi

Ana + David . 2021, Óbidos, Portugal 27

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Colorful Wedding Festival in India

The most beautiful Colorful Wedding Festival in India

Last February, we had the chance to visit India for the first time. We already imagined that this experience would be special, but once we stepped out of Chennai airport, we were certain that we would experience a whole new planet on the following days, after all, we were in the incredible India.


Into Chennai, India

Chennai is the capital of the Indian State of Tamil Nadu. Located on the Coromandel Coast off the Bay of Bengal, it is the biggest cultural, economic and educational centre of south India. Chennai is home to many museums and galleries, and it is a major centre for music, art and culture in India, known for its classical dance shows aswell.

chennai-city india-chennai-streetxx

The Arrival

We already imagined that this experience would be special, but once we stepped out of Chennai airport, we were certain that we would experience a whole new planet on the following days, after all, we were in the incredible India. Sim and Kartik gave us such a sweet welcoming and they comfortably installed us in Chennai’s Novohotel alongside with all their invitees from all over the world.

We spent the arrival day walking on the streets and damn, we were absolutely overwhelmed with the colors, the smells, the sounds, the beyond chaotic streets! Planet India was presenting itself to us in all its glory! 

chennai-street-night Colorful Wedding Festival in India 28

The 4 Days long Celebrations

The First Day: Couple Session

Day 1 was a day to get up before the sunrise. We had planned to do some shots on this amazing temple by the beach (Mahabalipuram Temple). However, once we got there, we were told that a special permit was required in order to shoot inside the temple area. The session was lost but the visit to the temple and surroundings was unforgettable. At this stage, jet lag was hitting us hard so we decided to go for a power nap after lunch. What was supposed to be a 30min/1h nap took 3h. Regardless, it was needed as the wedding celebrations would start on that night with this amazing welcome dinner on the Blue House.

Day Two: Haldi Ceremony and colorful Holi Party

Day 2 celebrations would include the Haldi Cerimony (in which a paste of haldi is applied on the bride and the groom’s body before their wedding by their near and dear ones), the Holi party, traditional dances and Dinner with Sarangi Music. We had such a big expectation for this day!  The venue, Dakshina Chitra was absolutely amazing, we couldn’t be more amazed! Regardless, the sun was unforgiving and the temperatures were really hard to stand, yet we guess the adrenaline kept us going, and we had so much fun! The holi fest with that unique Indian background was an experience to remember. india-chennai-sangeet india-color-run india-color-run2

Day Three: Mehendi Ceremony and Sangeet

After a good night sleep, we headed to The Royal Palms for the Mehendi Cerimony. Celebrated by the Bride’s family, in this ceremony, a henna paste (Mehendi) is putted in the hands and feet of the bride, in beautiful and intricate designs, especially done with the help of an expert. After the Mehendi, everyone was ready for the Sangeet Party. The word Sangeet means music, but in an Indian wedding, it translates to Music Night or Musical Party. This music night is a celebration of the union of not only the couple, but the bonding of both families. It is here that both sides bring down their barriers and mingle in a fun environment. It’s usually held a day before and Sim and Kartik chose this amazing venue to celebrate it. It was huge, it was loud and it was fucking epic!!

Day Four: The Wedding

We finally got to the wedding day that happened in the Ideal Beach Resort. We still wonder how Sim, Kartik and all their invitees found enough strength to wake up at sunrise to kick off with the celebrations.

The Groom’s arrival (Vara Yatra) is a celebration in itself… we were absolutely amazed with the vibe and with every single sound that was surrounding us, we were completely out of this planet, damn, what an experience! Kartik’s epic arrival ended with a Tilak ritual! The wedding was held in a Mandap which is a temporary structure constructed for the purpose of the marriage ceremony. This Mandap is an elevated platform and it was amazingly decorated with flowers, greenery and fabric.


The ceremony has a lot of prayers and meaningful “steps”, yet we can underline the beautiful necklace the groom places in the bride. Then, both their garments are toed up together as they circle a fire seven times (saptapadi). The main significance is establishing friendship, which is the basis of a hindu marriage. After this, the newlyweds showered each other with rice (talambralu), and this symbolizes fertility, prosperity and happiness. 


Colorful Wedding Festival in India 29

Crazy to think how everyone travelled to India just two months ago. None of that would have been possible a few days later, as the entire world dive into this crazy lockdown.

We are so grateful for the epic days we had and for being able to return home safely.

We miss those days so much. We were all together.

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