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Cristal + Jordon . 2021, Sintra, Portugal

Cristal + Jordon . 2021, Sintra, Portugal

About Cristal and Jordon

Cristal is a passionate Aquarian Brazilian, strong, intelligent, family oriented and honest. She is humble yet she knows her self-worth and she stand tall and proud. Practical and romantic in a delicate balance. She loves Alice in Wonderland as Alice reminds us to get you know yourself and enjoy the journey of learning that life is.

Jordon is a highly planned Aquarian British that loves changing his planning last minute. He is driven, perfectionist, loyal, caring and thoughtful. He is a safe port for Cristal and wants nothing but the best for the family. He loves training and exercising, even during vacations, and recently has fallen in love for Brazilian Jiu jitsu, a great way to combine his passion with learning Portuguese.


These two beautiful souls met in October 2016 in Geneva, when they were both living there for work.  First they talked for 2 months on Whatsapp before they found the right day to meet. At the end, they have decided to meet for a quick chat after work and training, of course, outside Cristal’s gym. It took another month so they could go for a proper date. Their relationship became more serious when Jordon decided to surprise Cristal in New Year, taking a flight to Hawaii last minute.

The care they had since the beginning made them realize that they were the right one for each other, that was a partnership for life.


The Wedding

Cristal and Jordon married on September 2021 on the beautiful and romantic Quinta da Penalva, in Sintra, Portugal. They told us that Portugal was their choice as they enjoy portuguese food, weather, energy and it’s closer to Brazil both with direct flights, language and culture.


Their main request for the wedding was a non-conventional, not formal, outside wedding where people could have good food and party environment, with touches of Alice in Wonderland (one of Cristal’s favourite books).


The ceremony took place at the venue, and it was full of emotional speeches from their loved ones, as well as amazing vows to each other.

The after party time was also very awesome, shifting from tears of emotion from the loved ones’ speeches, to the wildest party ever.

Organizing a wedding in 2021 was full of adventures! The most challenging point was working with last minutes changes (Portugal opened to Brazil flights a week before the wedding), so they moved the guest list a couple of times (both for good surprises of last minute confirmations, as well as sad last minute cancelations).

A funny story

Groomsmen distributing COVID tests in Lisbon centre.

party penalva


Bride’s Dress: Vestidus Atelier

Groom’s Suit and Shoes: Swiss Tailor

Hair and Make-up: Tânia de Sousa Hairstylist ; Madalena Martins Makeup Artist

Wedding Rings: : a random store in Greece

Venue: Quinta da Penalva

Wedding Planning: Tales Weddings

Flowers: Kckliko

Decor: Tales Weddings (Conception) ; BC Planning (Rentals)

Invitations and Graphic Design: Tales Weddings

Photography: Lapela Photography (Obs. The photos on this post are credited as Pixel’s).

Videography: Os Pixel

Animation: Groovebox ; Alta Cena ; No Town


Enjoy the long version!!

Hope you had a great time 🙂

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Wolves Workshop 2021

Wolves Workshop . 2021, La Graciosa, Spain

Can´t properly describe what happened in the last Wolves Workshop, but it’s already a part of me…

Amazing how Pablo and his sweet crew allowed us this kind “a secret about a secret! The more it tells you, the less you know!”.

Every single one of you that were a part of this, has a special place in my heart!

Thank You For Your Life!!

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Margaret + João . 2021, Amares, Portugal

Margaret + João . 2021, Amares, Portugal

About Margaret and João

Margaret met João 11 years ago. João rented a room in Margaret’s apartment in Rio de Janeiro, when he was studying abroad. They have been flatmates ever since!


They chose Portugal to the big day, because Portugal is their favorite country. They love the people, the food, the wine and the nature. Conveniently, the groom’s family is Portuguese, and it’s also midway between the bride’s and groom’s home countries (Brazil and Germany).

The Wedding

Margaret and João married on August 2021 on the beautiful and elegant Pousada Mosteiro de Amares, in Amares, Portugal. For the wedding, they wanted a special place to people to gather, that felt authentic to them, a reflection of who they are and what they love.

The ceremony was very intimate and emotional. Despite the traditional rings, they both had they vows to each other, and very emotional speeches from closest friends.

The most challenging aspect in the wedding arrangements was the pandemic (accepting and adapting to ever changing restrictions). Besides the pandemic, everything else was quite easy! In their own words, “it helped that the suppliers we chose were absolutely wonderful to work with”.

A funny story

Throughout the wedding planning, several cultural differences emerged. One of them was: the groom’s family (Portuguese), found it essencial to serve tradicional chicken soup as a starter. In the bride’s tradition (Brazilian), you are served this soup when you are feeling sick. So, they ended up compromising with gazpacho.


Hair and Make-up: Xana Lopes Hair & Make-Up

Venue: Pousada Mosteiro de Amares

Wedding Planner: Romã Eventos

Invitations and Graphic Design: Bride herself

Wedding Cake: Bakewell

Photography: Menino conhece Menina (Obs. The photos on this post are credited as Pixel’s).

Videography: Os Pixel

Animation: DJ Nuno Rodrigues

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