Last April we got the chance to shoot a wedding in Oaxaca – Mexico… how strange this may sound, it wasn’t an easy decision to make. Our little man would turn 4 years old while Zé was in Mexico. Damn, he was so reluctant… He felt he couldn’t miss Vasco’s birthday, he simply couldn’t! On the other hand, it would be an incredible experience… let’s face it, a Zapotec Wedding in Oaxaca Botanic Gardens is not every day… plus, the Pixel brothers would be traveling with our dearest friends and photographers João e Vassalo. One night I simply told Zé: “go and don’t think twice. Vasco has you everyday, every single day, so he’ll understand how lucky he is, one day”. On that instant Zé messaged his brother João sayin “vamo lá caralho”!! And damn, they brought so many good memories…


Pixel Mexico

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