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2021 . OUR WEEK IN VIDEO " Ep. 150 - Portuguese Wedding Filmmakers, Pixel"

2020 . FORMA "It’s with José - PIXEL that our conversation about cinema begins. We love watching cinema through the eyes of authors who have influenced the views of contemporary wedding videography with their ideas." See full post here

2019 . LET'S TELL A STORY - THE CLUB "Before I write anything about the film itself I need to mention that Jose Santos - PIXEL has been a great inspiration for my work. His films have opened my eyes in way that made my completely change the way I think about wedding videography. Watching the films made by Jose is simply a visual journey into his own universe." See full post here

2018 . FOR LOVE'S SAKE "Winner in Category Conceptual Film: PIXEL with 'We are Everything'." See full post here  

2018 . LA MARIÉE AUX PIEDS NUS "Un elopement dans l'effervescence de New York." See full post here

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