Quinta da Quintã | Welcome 2021!

Quinta da Quintã, a venue that is a project, and that is a home!

Quinta da Quintã is a venue, a team, and above all this, is a project. #bettertogether is the perfect queue to translates the relationship they have as a team and with their clients. Quinta da Quintã works on the consolidation of its own identity, on a brand reflected in everything they do, in every detail of each day and each event. This amazing team’s work mote is personalization, differentiation and sustentability, in a path that is becoming more and more eco-friendly.

Quinta da Quintã is surrounded by green, wide and organic spaces. Along with the gardens, the colonial style terraces are the perfect stage for an intimate event. In the path of sustainability, the old orangery was valued with 120 new large trees, resulting in a beautiful arboretum, being the perfect space for a relaxed dinner or an intimate cake cutting.

Quinta da Quintã’s kitchen is now the home of Humor ao Lume’s chefs. The food is authentic, with tons of flavor and is cooked with full dedication. The chefs dedicate themselves in full to create menus that are rich in flavor, beautifully plated, always using fresh and sazonal products.

We do believe that the merge of  these two loving projects is the perfect way to turn your experience in a true journey.

Check more of our work at https://vimeo.com/amillionpixels https://ospixel.com/our-stories/

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