Explosive 2 days Wedding in Oaxaca, Mexico

Oaxaca cover

Into Oaxaca de Juarez

Oaxaca de Juarez it’s the picturesque capital of the Mexican State of Oaxaca. Located deep inside the Sierra Madre Mountains (460 Km away from Mexico City) this city stands out for being a famous gastronomic hotspot  and for serving the best food of the country. At the same time, this city establish an unique balance between its unique culture and history and a cosmopolitan vibe.

It’s quite common to hear Zapotec dialect on the streets (which is the language of the native tribes that live in this region forever), and one of the wedding cerimonies we attended, was according to the Zapotec tradition. It was so mystic and so out of this world… We can still hear the drums and sounds echoing in our heads. Visiting Oaxaca it’s like connecting with Mexico in its purest state and dive deep  into the ancient traditions, flavors and colors. We can almost feel the Mexican heritage pride in all its glory.

The days before the Wedding

Fortunately enough, we had 4 days before the wedding  to explore the city and surroundings and to shoot one of the most breathtaking couple sessions that we’ve ever had. We’ve started on Monte Albán (which was the Capital of the Zapotec Empire) and then we headed up to the Mitla ruins. We’ve decided to leave Hierbe el Agua as the last place to visit (70Km away from Oaxaca) and DAMN, what an incredible place… We still get goosebumps every time we think about that place. It’s very, very difficult to get there… the roads are non-existent and to get to the right location you have to deal with the local tribes so they allow you in. Despite all the issues you may have to get to the top, one thing we can promise you, you’re about to see one of the most magical places of Mexico and that’s quite something.

The 2 Days Wedding

Gosh, the wedding day(s)… These were by far the most intense 2 days of shooting we’ve ever had.

The First Day: Zapotec Ceremony

We were far, far away from home somewhere in the middle of the Mexican Mountains, in this surreal place (Quinta Real) shooting Joel’s preps for the Zapotec Wedding Cerimony. In between, we’ve jump places and went to Casa Oaxaca where Maria was getting ready in this amazing rooftop with Oaxaca and the Mountains as back scenario… we were already blowed away!! Both Maria and Joel were dressed with traditional costumes handmaid by the Zapotec comunity. The Zapotec Ceremony started only after the sunset, and we would always be short in words to describe it…

The celebration afterwords took place in Parador de Alcalá right in the heart of Oaxaca, and again, we were surrounded by such a blazing mood, damn!! We called it a day eating burgers and driking beers at 2a.m. in a small rock bar, and we’d could not ask for more, we were over the moon.

The Second Day: Religious Ceremony

The catholic wedding came in the next day. The Unesco heritage Santo Domingo’s Cathederal was the place for the ceremony. Joel had already set the mood with his cool Hugo Boss suit, while Maria was beatifully dressed in white, walking in Santo Domingo’s Cathedral.

But what happened after the ceremony, was definitely the postcard we brought from Oaxaca. The city gathered for this huge and amazing parade… we were deep diven in Mexico, the colors, the sounds, the people and their rhythms and colors were really alucinating.

We were ready to party from that moment on, in Jardin Etnobotanico de Oaxaca (one of Mexico most well preserved and important gardens).

jardim etnobotanico

This was really a life changing experience (as you may see by our I-Phone photos). Plus, the Pixel brothers could travel with our dearest friends and photographers João and Vassalo. We came home very tired, but with a big smile!

We are ready for the next adventure!

Take a look at the video:

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