Wedding Videographers USA

Are you planning to elope or get married in USA? Are you looking for a wedding videographer? Check our stuff!

We are wedding videographers and we are blessed for having this job that allows to travel around the world. We are sure that traveling, meeting new places and people and witnessing the diversity of love, places us at our best spot when it comes to make your film.We try to stay authentic to our couples identity and we shall never push them into something that their are not. For that reason we define our work as unique, authentic, exclusive and conceptual. Rest assured that your film shall not be made under dominant concepts or rules.

New York marked us so deeply… we often think this is the perfect example on how influenced we are by the world that surrounds us. ┬áIn 2018 we had such a good time with Mj & Fonzo. Those days will be forever in our hearts.

Why us?...because we simply can't stand with predictable stories and we want to make your wedding video unique in every way. It has to breed your mood, it has to express itself in the very same way you express your love, that is why we don't have a formula to all our wedding videos, we shall craft an exclusive piece of art just for you.

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